2016 Free Art Fair Application Instructions

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2016 Theme – ARTasty

Food is one of art’s enduring themes. Classic still life paintings provide us with a glimpse of different culinary cultures; Andy Warhol’s mass-copied “Campbell’s Soup Cans” illustrate changes in creative material and social model; Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” discusses the awakening of discussion on women’s issues; Rirkrit Tiravanija’s “Untitled(Free/Still)” finds its place in an art museum by cooking food over a fire to implement concepts of social interaction…

Food serves as a wonderful intermediary linking together art and society! We eat and drink, we talk about food, use it as material, as imagery, as scenery, approach issues of international politics through the state of food availability, turn it into scripts for societal drama… much inspiration comes from food, beyond mere visual sensation and tastiness. The 2016 Free Art Fair will bring you into a showcase for the senses!

2016 Taipei Free Art Fair Event Details

-Event Info
Dates: Nov 4th (Friday) to Nov 6th (Sunday), 2016 (3 days)
Location: Huashan 1914 Creative Park, East 2 ABCD Warehouse

-Exhibition Information
Booth Fee: Free
Size: Width 300cm x Depth 150cm (no exhibition wall provided, display height limited to 240cm)
Provided Equipment: 110v power outlet*1

-Registration Instructions
Fill out application form (PowerPoint), convert to PDF format and E-mail once complete
Instructions: Online Application Only. Please E-mail completed application form to info@freeartfair.tw, subject line “2016 FAF Registration + (name/group name)”
Deadline: 23:59, Oct 9th, 2016

-Registration Theme
1. ARTasty
2. Free Theme
※Registration Theme doesn’t necessarily correspond to exhibition location; organizing team will arrange for most suitable spot.

-Event Schedule
►Open Application-Jul 7th – Oct 9th, 2016
►Selection Announcement- Oct 11th, 2016
►Information Session for Exhibitors – Oct 15th, 2016
►Booth Setup-Nov 3rd, 2016
►Taipei Free Art Fair Exhibition-Nov 4th-6th, 2016
►Booth Takedown-Nov 6th, 2016

-Participation Rules
►The Huashan 1914 Creative Park is a historical monument, and according to regulations stipulated in the “Cultural Heritage Preservation Act", smoking, betel nut, and chewing gum is prohibited in all areas. Use of fire, candles, gas, and any electric appliances that may overload circuit breakers is also prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted accordingly.
►Lighting fires, using gas stoves, setting off fireworks, and other dangerous activities that may damage historical buildings are prohibited.
►Using paste, tape, glue, nails, and other forms of adhesive on the walls and floors of the Park, or on equipment unrelated to the exhibition is prohibited.
►Using nails, spray-paint, or electric welding is prohibited.
►Exhibition-related objects may not be hung or suspended from existing structures, including walls, pillars, or ceiling.
►Due to limited space in the Park, cars will not be allowed entry.
►Park is not responsible for lost items; please take care of exhibition materials and other belongings.
►Organizers are not responsible or any lost or damaged exhibition and personal materials.
►Participants are responsible for processing transactions and tax. Receipts are required for all transactions.
►Organizers will not provide storage space.
►All decorating materials, exhibition materials, and trash must be removed from the Park by the designated deadline.
►After dismantling of exhibition, please await organizer inspection. Participants that leave before inspection will be barred from future participation in the Taipei Free Art Fair.

►Incomplete or late applications will not be processed
►Accepted applicant list will be posted on Taipei Free Art Fair website on October 5th, 2016.
►Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
►Accepted applicant list will be available on official website after October 5, 2016 on the Taipei Free Art Fair event website; rejected entrees will not be specially notified.
►Accepted applicants should attend Information Session on October 15th, 2016.
►Accepted applicants who do not respond to confirmation will be replaced by candidates from waitlist.

※Application Checklist (please combine all information into single PDF file)
□Applicant’s Basic Information
□Personal CV and introduction
□Exhibition Draft, no restrictions in format. Please attach detailed explanation and exhibition plan
□Representative works (3 pieces). Please attach year, material, and description.

※Submission of application form means applicant has read and agrees to adhere to 2016 Taipei Free Art Fair Event Rules.
※Organizer reserves the right to adjust exhibition booths as needed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
※Organizer reserves the right to change event rules at any time, please refer to official website for any clarification.


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