參展者展覽分享 / 在疲憊與等待的時候沒有遮蔽之處 / 王冠蓁個展

在疲憊與等待的時候沒有遮蔽之處 王冠蓁個展
There’s no shelter for thosewho are waiting and exhausted.
Wang Guan-Jhen’s Solo Exhibition
Wandering on the highway with the gently blowing breeze on your face, all you need to do is to close your eyes and feel it with your heart. A monologue is from Birdman. “I wasn’t even present in my own life, and now I don’t have it, and I’m never going to have it.” We are learning to adapt the change which we are never expected in our life. Softness doesn’t mean being not strong enough, and tears doesn’t mean being not brave, neither. We should disarm ourselves and face every kind of our emotions honestly. Though we may feel small to live in the world, and still learn to confront any challenge, we hope a place as a shelter for an exhausted heart.
The recall of the memory is used to accompanying the change of life tracks. Sometimes we are forced to forget some places we ever travel, some space, or some time by the rapid change of society. To look for our precious memories back, we are acting like a detective to observe everything in life and never miss any “evidence”. Wang Guan-Jhen uses the feminine way to narrate to paint each kind trace of life. . We cannot be strong all the time; therefore, we all need support. We all have our negative sides and stuck in the holes of pain usually, but forgot the joyful things. We may still remember those disappointed emotions, which may be sour, bitter, and a little mellow after experiencing. Only coming through these settling sown and refining of ourselves, we can see our most flawless heart.

展期| 8 / 25 – 9 / 27
開幕| 8 / 29 (六)15 : 00