Free Art Fair 2019|OPENCALL until Aug. 31, 2019

Annual Theme: L O V E


Maybe in another era, another world, a grand magnificent banquet could exist; its ingredients the clashing elements of romance versus sex, the spirit versus the flesh, and all that which we call desire. Our need to explore these “ingredients” is what makes us human. In this banquet, nothing is eternal. Not love, not friendship. Let these fantastic yet seductive manifestations dance freely upon the stage. In the words of Italian master director Federico Fellini, “Dreams are the only reality.”

【活動資訊 Event Info

  • 活動日期|2019/12/06(五)∼12/08(日) 12:00至18:00
  • 展出地點|松山文化創意園區,第2、3號連通倉庫 (11072台北市信義區光復南路133號)
  • OPENING HOURS|12pm-6pm (GMT+8), December 6th  to 8th (Friday – Sunday), 2019
  • VENUE|Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse 2 and 3 (No.133, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist. Taipei City)

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